Raising Awareness for Homeless Vets

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An Armed Forces Veteran shows his patriotism at Liberty State Park, New Jersey during the "Support Our Troops" rally for national "Make a Difference Day." Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) and its Ladies Auxiliary, in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs sponsored the rally. The event hosted numerous entertainment acts for the 15,000 attending the three-hour rally. "AmericaÕs armed forces are gearing up for a long and arduous war on an invisible, but terrifying enemy," said VFW Commander-in-Chief Jim N. Goldsmith. "We are asking a lot from our men and women in the military, which is why it is imperative that we show them our support. The rally also will demonstrate to the world that the actions of September 11 and the recent anthrax exposures have not diminished our resolve, but have actually served to strengthened our unity as a nation."

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

A 24-year-old named Tommy Pasquale is currently walking across the United States to raise money for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.  He left New Jersey in September, and hopes to make it to the Pacific Ocean by April.

The best news is we’ve actually been making progress with that.  This month, the federal government announced the number of homeless vets is down 11% since 2020, and down more than 55% since 2010.