Seven Little Debbie Snacks Are Getting Their Own Ice Cream Flavors

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



If you’ve stuck to your resolution to get in shape, well done.  You’ve almost made it through your first month.  But then . . . you’ll have THIS temptation to deal with.



Seven new ice cream flavors that taste like LITTLE DEBBIE snacks are hitting the Walmart freezer aisle February 1st.  This comes after a limited run of Christmas Tree Cake-flavored ice cream they did over the holidays.  But they say the new flavors will be available year-round.



The seven new snacks getting their own ice creams are:  Oatmeal Creme Pies . . . Cosmic Brownies . . . Zebra Cakes . . . Honey Buns . . . Swiss Rolls . . . Strawberry Shortcake Rolls . . . and Nutty Bars.  Each pint costs $2.50.



(Here’s a photo.)