Should Kids with December Birthdays Get to Celebrate in June?

Born At Christmas Christmas Birthday

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

 December babies have it rough.  When your birthday is close to Christmas, you get lost in the shuffle . . . your parents combine it with the holidays . . . and you end up getting fewer gifts than other kids.

So this caught our attention:  Some woman’s mommy blog post is going viral after she asked if she should start celebrating her son’s birthday in JUNE instead.

He’s a December baby, and she feels bad for him because of all the reasons we mentioned.  He’s also got a sibling with a summer birthday, which makes it worse.

She asked if anyone else with a December baby ever does a “fake birthday” in June, or if that’s crazy.  And the responses were mixed.

More than a few people called it a dumb idea.  One person said that unless her kid’s birthday is ON Christmas, it’s unnecessary.

A few people actually offered solutions though.  For example, one person said they balance things out by always buying their kid summer stuff, like a new bike.

A few also said they know parents with kids born on Christmas Day.  And they always celebrate on their half-birthday instead, which is June 25th.