Spending Time In Green Spaces And Tending To Plants Can Increase Wellbeing

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

It seems gardeners are happier. BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine polled people, and found 55 percent of gardeners said they were satisfied with their life, compared to 39 percent of non-gardeners. Also, 54 percent of gardeners reported feeling happier the previous day, compared to 45 percent of those who did not garden. Experts say gardening enthusiasts benefit from getting out into nature, and if they have a vegetable patch, potentially eating more healthily. It’s also thought that gardeners get a sense of purpose from seeing their carefully nurtured plants flower. BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine editor, Lucy Hall, says, “The results of our survey demonstrate what we’ve seen anecdotally over the last two years—that gardening and gardens play a vital role in promoting wellbeing and happiness. Throughout the pandemic, the popularity of gardening and visiting parks and open space rose dramatically as people connected with nature.”

(Daily Mail