Summer Expectations v. Reality

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Do you ever build up Summer and come Fall you’re disappointed in the lack of Summer activities you got crossed off your list?

The new normal is coming just in time for a safe and social redo of last year’s isolated summer. With it, the answer to that question is going from a far-off hope to a potential reality.

Travel, concerts, parties, and whatever else you fantasized about in those dark days all await. However, for a myriad of reasons, this summer may not be the whirlwind return to society you’ve had in mind—and that’s OK.

This summer can act as a fresh start, but it requires care and self-awareness to make it one. Here’s how to manage your expectations for this summer and what to do if summertime sadness arises.

Be Realistic About What Activities Will Look Like

Simply because things are opening up, that doesn’t mean your favorite pre-pandemic activities will look the same.

Listen to Your Needs

You’ve been through a terrible time and made it through. Shouldn’t you want to go out and celebrate it? Not necessarily or yet. There is a critical difference between wanting to want to immerse yourself in the world and actually feeling ready and willing to do it.

Avoid Comparison 

No matter your needs, it will inevitably be difficult to see other people living new, louder lives.

Determine What You Want

So you know what other people are doing but how do you want to spend your summer? Rusev suggests creating a summer bucket list with things you and your pod wish to experience this summer. It can include activities such as playing a sport, going to a nearby park, or finally going to a spa.

If your funds or time are low, determine what the priorities on the list are and plan in advance to ensure you can do them.

Start With Small Goals

Once you have an idea of what you actually want to do or see, take tiny steps to get there.

Especially if the idea of going out still causes you stress—a very understandable response after so long avoiding it—ease into it by spending time outside with friends and family or assisting your neighbors.

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