There’s Now a Class on Nicki Minaj at UC Berkeley

Nicki Minaj Attended The Met Gala For The First Time Since 2019

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

 I have spent a lot of time studying Nicki Minaj . . . especially her videos.  But I had no idea I could get college credit for it.

The University of California Berkeley now has a class called “Nicki Minaj: The Black Barbie Femmecee & Hip-Hop Feminisms”.

It’ll study Nicki’s, quote, “impact in the context of broader historical-social structures & hip-hop feminisms.”

Nicki heard about the class and said, quote, “I’d love to stop by.”

The course is taught by a professor who goes by the name Dr. Peace and Love El Henson.  (???)  (Yes, she’s a real person.)