These Artists Have Sold the Most Tickets Over the Past 40 Years

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Pollstar just released a list of the top touring artists worldwide based on how many tickets they’ve sold over the years.  They used data dating all the way back to 1980.  Here are the Top 20:

1.  U2, which has sold more than 26 MILLION TICKETS.

2.  Dave Matthews Band

3.  The Rolling Stones

4.  Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

5.  Elton John

6.  Metallica

7.  Bon Jovi

8.  Billy Joel

9.  Kenny Chesney

10.  Grateful Dead

11.  Trans-Siberian Orchestra  

12.  Phish

13.  Aerosmith

14.  Jimmy Buffett

15.  Rod Stewart

16.  Neil Diamond

17.  Coldplay

18.  George Strait

19.  Tim McGraw

20.  Ed Sheeran

(To see more, click here.  The first list is ranked by box office gross.  To see the ticket sales skip to Page 3.)