TikToker Says She Resigned from Her Job After Given Ultimatum By Boss to Socialize More

Have You Ever Resigned From A Job

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

A woman on TikTok shared that she resigned from her job after being given an ultimatum by her boss to socialize more, responding to a post from a job recuiter who said nothing will make you more hated in a corporate environment than avoiding small talk. @moodynomad333 said she had been working in the marketing department of an architecture firm, and in addition to not liking small talk, she said her coworkers were all friends from school or previous jobs and she felt like an outsider. She said her coworkers would regularly hang out together, but she had a, quote, “life outside of work” and would “skip the happy hour.” She stated, “It’s the reason they gave me an ultimatum, saying that if I didn’t put more effort into socializing, into being a team player, I was going to get fired.” She added, “I was there for eight hours a day why would I want to spend two or three more hours drinking with people that I wasn’t even friends with? I also despise small talk. It makes me physically uncomfortable.” Among the responses, one person said, “I’m paid to do my job, I’ll start socializing when they start paying me for it.”