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Protecting Your Eyes from Screen-time

by: Natalie Gard


If you are like us, you are probably spending way too much time in front of screens. From working at home and online schooling to watching tv and scrolling through socials. Everything seems to be revolving around screens and after all the time online, we have to take extra good care of our eyes. Here are some great tips for keeping your eyes healthy!

  1. Get a pair of glasses with blue light filtering frames
  2. Use an anti- blue light screen protector for your phone, tablet and computer
  3. Use eye creams to reduce puffiness
  4. Use a brightening eye mask
  5. Use eye drops targets towards redness or eye fatigue
  6. Purchase or use eye masks at night to block out light so your eyes can rest
  7. Natural light is best, but using a non-LED light for your work space helps

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