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Cardi B and Offset

by: Natalie Gard


Looks like the couple of hip-hop are back together! These two have always been very public about their relationship..kind of. The two had a super public engagement which we later found out, they had already gotten married a few months before. They welcomed baby girl, Kulture, in July of 2018 and then broke up before Christmas of the same year.

Cardi has been reminiscing on her Instagram story lately missing the good times with bad boy, Offset. He still has to prove himself to Cardi, but has made improvements. Sources say he has changed his number and only uses it for Cardi and business. There’s also a new, “no groupies” rule, Offset’s not allowing any female fans near him during his Super Bowl appearances in ATL. He wants Cardi to know he’s serious about their marriage.

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