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Kim and Kanye are having a baby BOY.


Kimye are using a surrogate to welcome their fourth child to the West family! Kim and Kanye just welcomed a baby girl, Chicago, in January of 2018. The couple used a surrogate due to Kim’s difficult pregnancy with her first two kids. Kim will not be using the same surrogate. The surrogate/ fan she used just one year ago just gave birth! She had given birth to Kim and Kanye’s daughter, Chicago, in January 2018 THEN had her own baby Christmas Eve 2018. So obviously there is a new mystery surrogate. There were several embryos taken and this was the only boy! The couple have shared their love and want for a big family and they couldn’t be happier to welcome a baby boy home this May and they will be splitting their time between L.A. and their new beach pad in Miami.


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