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Katy Perry and her team owe close to $3 Million over copy write issues

by: Natalie Gard


Katy Perry is no longer living the Teenage Dream. Just a few months after getting her 5 Million dollar engagement ring from Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry and others on her team must pay a Christian rapper $2.78 million after a jury found that she had improperly copied a portion of his song for her own hit “Dark Horse.” The artist’s name is Marcus Gray,who on stage goes by Flame, he and two other co-authors filed a copyright infringement lawsuit on the “Dark Horse” singer FIVE YEARS ago.

“Joyful Noise” was released in 2009 and “Dark Horse” in 2013. The 16 second riff was what was in question at Monday’s trail with a 9 person jury who in the end sided with Christian Rapper, Flame. Of the financial penalty, a jury determined that Perry is responsible for just over $550,000, with Capitol Records responsible for the majority of the tab. It was not immediately clear how much others involved in writing the song, including producer Dr. Luke, were on the hook for. See for yourself!

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