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Pink’s Tour Crew Survives a Plane Crash

by: Natalie Gard


Pink has always been know as a badass. She hangs from the ceiling of stadiums nearly every night of her tour. She has pyrotechnics to make her show stand out from all the rest. Pink is just BAD! But nothing is scarier than what happened Tuesday on her ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour. Pink had just wrapped up a show in Oslo, Norway, she, her family and her whole tour crew were traveling from Norway to Denmark. The plane crash landed at the Aarhus Airport in Demark and then burst into flames! Luckily all 10 crew members that were on the plane were able to escape the plane without injury. Pink and her family were on a different plane and not involved in the crash.

Pink is set to play a show tonight at the CASA Arena in Horsens, Denmark. No word yet as to if she will preform and she has yet to speak on the matter.


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