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Lindsey Lohan – New Music

by: Natalie Gard


Lindsey Lohan has been in my life since she played twins in “Parent Trap.” More recently she had a show on MTV called “Lindsey Lohan’s Beach Club” that was set in Mykonos, Greece, but it only lasted for one seasons. Now she’s back in the form of musical talent with a new song called “Xanax.” She has been on the show “Masked Singer” which has been an interesting version of a singing competition, which is where she might have gotten the music bug. L.L. posted to twitter and instagram in June teasting new music..The song is set to come out this fall, but here are some of the lyrics to Lindsey Lohan’s new song Xanax

“Would you like to sit next to me?

When you kiss me, I can’t breathe,

I try to stay away from you, but you get me high.

Only person in this town that I like.

Guess I can take one more trip for the night—just for the night.”

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