Try Something New

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There are direct correlations between trying something new and mental health. After staying home so much, Americans are itching to try new things.  And most of us already have in the last year-and-a-half.

80% of Americans say they’ve tried something new since the pandemic started.  That includes 67% who’ve tried a new food or drink, and 64% who’ve expanded their taste in movies, music, or TV shows . . maybe because they’ve watched everything else.


Here are six benefits of trying new things, according to the poll . . .

1.  It can make you feel better in general.  78% of people say it’s true.

2.  It boosts happiness.  60% say trying new things makes them happy.

3.  It can make you more creative.  53% say branching out helps with creativity.

4.  It gives you energy.  52% of us feel more energetic after trying something new.

5.  It raises your self-esteem.  51% say they feel more content with themselves after doing something they’ve never done before.

6.  It can help you find something you love.  63% of people have ended up loving something that they avoided for years.