Want To Set Up Your Kids College Fund… Make Them Eat Candy

Nats Hacks

Chattanooga, Tennessee—

This sounds more like a Halloween costume than a job title.  But it IS a real job, and even kids can apply . . .

A website called Candy Funhouse sells candy online.  And they’re looking to hire their first “Chief Candy Officer” with a salary of $100,000 a year.

Anyone over the age of FIVE can apply, and there’s no previous work experience necessary.  You just have to love candy . . . be willing to taste-test a ton of it . . . and have no serious food allergies.

They’re based in Canada, so that’s 100 grand in Canadian dollars, or about $78,000 U.S.  But they say the job can be done remotely.

The main job duties are being their “head taste-tester” and deciding which products to carry.  One story we saw claimed you have to taste-test 3,500 candies a MONTH, or more than 100 a day.  But whoever wrote that is wrong.  That’s just the total number of products they currently sell.

If you . . . or your child . . . are interested, you have until the end of August to apply on LinkedIn.  They say it comes with “an extensive dental plan.”