What Would You Give Up for Just One Day of Zero Stress?

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—

If you actually gave up this stuff for even a day, wouldn’t it just stress you out?  People were asked what they’d be willing to give up for just one, totally stress-free day.  Here are the ten things that got the most votes . . .

1.  Your favorite foods.  45% would give them up for a zero-stress day.  43% specifically said they’d give up chocolate if that’s what it took.

2.  Shopping, 35%.

3.  Skip some important meetings, 30%.

4.  Sacrifice a week’s worth of productivity, 30%.

5.  An entire PAYCHECK, 28%.  (Seriously?  For one stress-free day?)

6.  No exercise equipment, 28%.  (I’m on like Day 8,000 of giving that one up.)

7.  Sex.  26% would give it up.  (Again . . . Day 8,000.)

8.  Any and all leeway with deadlines at work, 23%.

9.  Instagram, 22%.

10.  Hanging out with friends, also 22%.