Why friendships are more important than relationships

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When I think about friendships, this famous quote from Eleanor Roosevelt comes to mind: “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only friends will leave footprints in your heart.”

When we reach our mid to late 20s, romantic relationships seem to trump friendships but, in recent years, we’ve seen a major shift where friendships are becoming the center of people’s existence.

Friends are buying houses together, raising each other’s children, have joint credit cards, and even hold medical and legal powers of attorney for each other.


Here are 6 reasons why friendships are more important than relationships.

1. Friendships reduce stress.

Being around a close friend can help lower your cortisol levels, the hormone that causes stress.

This is because you tend to laugh more and overall you are just happier.

2. Friendships can help you find purpose and meaning.

A great friend can truly shape you into being the best version of yourself. A friend will see you and accept you for who you truly are.They encourage you and push you to do better and be the person you want to be, even when you don’t want to.

3. Friendships help create a sense of belonging and build confidence.

A great frienship helps you develop a sense of belonging to another person. Belonging helps build your self-confidence during those times when you are insecure in your life.

When you care for others, you take on the responsibility of offering compassion and emotional support. This can make you a stronger, better person.

4. Friendships help you feel less isolated.

Friendships can reduce feelings of isolation, but it’s not just the number of friends that matters — it’s the quality of the friendships. You know, the ones you can confide in.

5. Friendships help you feel supported through challenges.

The longer we live on this earth, the more challenges we will have.

When they come, it helps to have a friend that can help get you through the traumatic, difficult times in your life.

6. Friendships encourage healthy behaviors.

When you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a good friend can help you set and maintain those goals by encouraging you to stick with your plan.

A friend will also push you out of your comfort zone when your goals get challenging.

Ditch the dates and take the time to cultivate strong friendships this season.

So, as spring begins to roll into summer, take time to cultivate friendships. Unlike love relationships that are centered on specific responsibilities and expectations, friendships are can be pure joy.

When we find friends who share similar qualities and interests, people to whom we can be vulnerable, it can be truly lifesaving.