Would You Rather Get a Selfie with Your Favorite Celeb, or Their Autograph?


Chattanooga, Tennessee—

Here’s a random question:  If you bumped into your favorite celebrity on the street, would you rather take a selfie with them, or get their autograph?

Over 5,000 Americans were polled, and apparently autographs ARE still a thing.  20% of us would want an autograph . . . 42% would rather take a selfie . . . and 27% said they wouldn’t ask for either of them.  The remaining 11% said “not sure.”

Men were more likely to say autograph, maybe because they were picturing an athlete.  And women were more likely to say selfie.

Also, the older we get, the less likely we are to give a crap.  Only 12% of people under 30 said they wouldn’t want either . . . compared to 43% of people over 65.