You’re 3 Times More Likely To Get Sick If You Do This At Night

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Chattanooga, Tennessee—



Your immune system can be affected by all sorts of things, including how much sleep you get. A 2009 study found that your chances of developing a cold triple if you regularly sleep less than seven hours per night. Another study found that sleep efficiency—or how much time is spent asleep while in bed—is even more important to immune system function than overall hours spent sleeping. Researchers wrote, “Participants with less than 92 percent efficiency were 5.50 times more likely to develop a cold than those with 98 percent or more efficiency.” A 2010 study painted an even more serious picture, finding that people who slept for less than seven hours per night suffered “an increased risk of death from all causes.” The CDC says 35 percent of the American population fails to get adequate rest.