10 Things People Never Thought They’d Do as Adults … But Ended Up Doing Anyway

Lettuce Grow Z4s0mynyt08 UnsplashPhoto by Lettuce Grow on Unsplash

Every teenager has witnessed something an adult does, and thought “I’m NEVER going to do that when I’m older.”  And maybe they don’t … but a lot of the time, they grow up… and they end up doing it anyway.

There’s a thread online where people are sharing examples.  Like…

1.  Birdwatching … “I used to think it was the WORST way someone could spend their time … but 20 years later and I’m obsessed with birds.”

2.  Gardening … “Growing up, working in the garden was a punishment.

3.  Giving up on creativity.  One person said that as a kid, they wanted to be an artist, and insisted they’d NEVER get a job working for The Man.  And well…

4.  Stop liking new music.  Now, they just listen to music they liked growing up.

5.  Going to bed early … voluntarily.

6.  Telling your kid, “Because I said so.”  Another person added, “I thought I’d never say ‘While you live under my roof, you live by my rules.’  And I just said it to my 17 year old.”

7.  Owning a minivan.

8.  Eating broccoli … and actually enjoying it.

9.  Getting a dog … and putting clothes on it.

10.  The “get off my lawn” thing … “I used to think it was silly that people cared about their lawn so much.  I am now obsessed with manicuring my lawn.”

SOURCE: Reddit