Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Gino D. I’m originally from New Hampshire, and I just don’t “do” radio, I LOVE RADIO … especially Top 40 radio!

I am a huge fan of today’s pop hits, and I love to play them all for you. I love “new” stuff, “old” stuff, throwbacks, up and coming, and everything in between. I’m also a BIG fan of movies, television, and pop culture as a whole. I’m ready to chat with Chattanooga about everything and anything, and I can’t wait to get to know you and this beautiful city.

On my show, I hope to let you know what’s going in the local community, I hope we can play games and laugh, and I really hope to find fun ways to connect with you on the air, off the air, and on social media. Let’s do this!

Gino D's Blog

Adele Superfan Gets To Facetime Her Idol

 A TikTok superfan who has traveled the world to see Adele, only for each concert to get canceled, has finally gotten to speak with her idol. Check out the video!

What Is Tennessee's Favorite Romantic Movie?

The most popular romantic movies in the country were calculated using box office results and Google Trends. "Before Sunrise" was the most popular in seven states and "Titanic" and "Her" in six states. What do you think the most popular in Tennessee was?

Can Red Wine Reduce the Risk of Catching Covid?

New research shows that drinking red wine might reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19. People who consumed five or more glasses of red wine a week had a 17% lower risk of catching the virus.