30% of People Say They Still Have This Of Their Ex

Social Exes

Breakups are inevitable in the dating world, some are peaceful and some well not so much. Often times people may hold on to things from their ex like clothes, money or even passwords. That’s right according to SWNS, 30% of people say they still have their ex’s passwords to Facebook, Netflix and in some cases a work email. Below is the top to ten logins your ex may know. Word of advice once you break up with someone, just change all your passwords.

1.  Facebook.  35% think they know their ex’s password.

2.  Netflix and other streaming services, 34%.

3.  Their work email, 33%.

4.  Twitter.  That and everything else on the list is around 30%.

5.  Spotify or other music apps.

6.  PayPal.

7.  Their Google account.

8.  Their personal email.

9.  Their BANK account.  28% think they could get in if they wanted to.

10.  TikTok.

Courtesy of (SWNS)