50% of Americans Will Watch the Super Bowl… But 43% of Us Don’t Care Who Wins

Dave Adamson Nath0crkmu UnsplashPhoto by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

Super Bowl ratings are down a notch from their peak 10 years ago … and the quality of the commercials is down SEVERAL notches.  However, the game is still the biggest entertainment event of the year.

In a new poll, 50% of Americans say they expect to watch the Super Bowl this year.  Which, if that pans out, would be about 165 million people.

But most people don’t care who wins…  43% say they aren’t rooting for anybody yet.  30% say they want the Kansas City Chiefs to win, and 27% say they’d like to see the Philadelphia Eagles take it.

66% of men are mainly tuning in for the game.  Another 19% are in it for the commercials.  And 12% want to watch Rihanna’s halftime show.  And women aren’t THAT different, actually.

42% of women are most excited about the game.  27% are more into the commercials, while 25% will pay closer attention to the halftime show.