74% Say They Have Experienced This 5 Times A Week

Ryan Snaadt Lzbdkraede Unsplash

When  lack of food makes you mad you are hangry. Hangry is an emotion we have all experienced and according to one study it happens to us over 20,000 times in our lifetime and for majority of people in the study it happens 5 times a week.  Below are the top 10 places people get the hangriest:

1.  At home.  Makes sense since we spend most of our time there.

2.  At work.

3.  While you’re out shopping.

4.  Running errands.

5.  Traveling.  Like on a long drive, or on a flight.

6.  While you’re exercising.

7.  At a doctor’s appointment.

8.  At the pool, or a beach.

9.  At a sporting event.

10.  In a movie theater.

Courtesy of (Farm Rich)