A 78-Year-Old Man Proposed To His High School Crush At The Airport Ahead Of Their 60th Class Reunion, And The Viral Moment Taught Young TikTokers It’s Never Too Late To Find Love.

Chattanooga, Tennessee—(Pulse)

A 78-year-old Florida dermatologist has taught TikTokers that it’s never too late to find love with a viral airport proposal. The video of the moment has been shared on TikTok by several members of his team at Academic Alliance in Dermatology in Tampa, where Dr. Thomas McMeekin practices. It’s nabbed millions of collective views and elicited emotional responses from viewers.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, on June 30, McMeekin greeted now-fiancee Nancy Gambell, 79, at Tampa International Airport after she’d just touched down from California. In a video captured by medical assistant Angelia Fedrick, McMeekin leads Gambell over to a seat at the gate and hands her a bouquet of red roses and a necklace with both of their birthstones on it before kneeling down on a pillow and pulling out his proposal speech.

“It’s been sixty years since we first met,” McMeekin says to Gambell, as strangers at the gate gathered to watch and film the heartwarming moment. “You have always been the one that I’ve had a crush on since your cheerleader days.” After tearfully asking for her hand in marriage, Gambell responds, “I will,” as the two hug to loud applause.

Photo by Nina Hill on Unsplash