A Guy’s Response on Why Men Don’t Share Personal Details with Each Other

Matheus Ferrero Tkrrvwxjb 8 UnsplashPhoto by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

There are two videos that go together.

The FIRST one is a woman who went viral saying she does NOT understand why men don’t share personal details with each other.

As an example, she talked about having lunch with two male friends who’ve known each other for years, but didn’t know they were both from Connecticut and one of them mentioned he’s engaged, but his buddy didn’t know that either.

The SECOND video is a response from a guy who gives a good reason why men keep personal details to themselves.  He says that from birth, the most noble thing a man can do is NOT be a burden on other people.

So since talking about deep subjects is work, a man would be putting a burden on a friend by bringing up that stuff.  However, discussing sports and video games is not a burden, so it’s like, “Because I like you, I’m not going to burden you.”

Here’s the woman’s video and here’s the guy’s response.