A Mom Gets Mixed Reaction on TikTok to Giving Kids Menus to Choose Their Meals

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A mother is getting a mixed reaction to a TikTok video she posted about giving her kids weekly menus to choose their meals from that went viral.

The woman, @buggys.country.kitchen, explained that she gives her kids a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day of the week to choose from, and they are custom-made for each child, with only items that they each like.

They get to choose from the options, with each child making their choices one week in advance, allowing her to prepare the meals ahead of time. She starts over at the end of the month by putting together the next month’s menus.

The mother says it prevents food waste, since her kids are only served items they’ll eat, and she argued that it helps prepare them to make choices as adults to make choices now on what they want to eat.

Some commenters thought it was a great idea, including one who said it will help them develop a “heatlhy relationship” with food. But others thought it went too far, with one writing, “What happened to eating what is put in front of them?,” and another, “My kids eat what I serve. I’m not running a restaurant.

SOURCE: Yahoo! Life
Photo by Cristiano Pinto on Unsplash