A New Drug May Sober You Up Faster After Drinking

Heshan Perera Crxchebtfig Unsplash

Ever been out and one of your friends gets a little to lost in the sauce and now you are stuck babysitting a toddler with a driver’s license and a mortgage? Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern may have found a hormone that may help sober someone up faster than normal. Scientist discovered a hormone called fibroblast growth factor 21,” or FGF21 for short, and it is produced in the liver and it is what helps sober you up when you have had too much to drink. Researchers believe that if a person is given a double dose of FGF21 it could speed up sobriety in those who are drunk. Now before you get too excited, this drug is still in its testing phase and it may be years before it hits the market, so in the mean time, be responsible and know when to say when.