A New Netflix Show Called “Snowflake Mountain” Puts Spoiled Gen Zers into the Wilderness


A new Netflix show just came out today that puts spoiled Gen Zers into the wilderness and it’s called… “Snowflake Mountain”.

Now to be clear, Netflix defines the term “snowflake” as someone who:  is overly emotional, easily offended, and dramatic.

The show takes 10 20-something-year-old “kidults” who refuse to grow up and get a job, and just live off their parents… and sends them into the wilderness to compete for $50,000, while learning survival skills.

But the catch is, the contestants didn’t sign up for the competition…they thought they were going to a luxury resort for a party.  They were tricked by their parents, in hopes of pushing them to grow up.

Sounds like the reality series accomplished what it was made for because one of the contestants said, quote, “It humbled me, for a fact.  It made me feel more prepared for any situation.  You could stick me in the wilderness right now, and I’ve got you.”

Photo by Tegan Mierle on Unsplash