A Simple Hack for Applying Eye Drops

Ion Fet Qrawwgv6gmo UnsplashPhoto by Ion Fet on Unsplash

Are you someone who hates applying eye drops?

If so, get ready to kick yourself for not knowing about this sooner.  Some people can’t deal with the drop hitting their eyeball, but there’s a stupidly simple way to avoid it … just KEEP YOUR EYES CLOSED.

It’s a trick pediatricians use with little kids.  Here’s how to do it …

1.  Tilt your head back with your eyes closed, and aim for the INSIDE CORNER of each eye.  It’s even easier if you lie down.

2.  When you open your eye, the pool of liquid should drip right in.  So you’ll avoid that sensation of something landing on your eyeball.

Even if all of it doesn’t get in your eye, you should get enough of it to do its thing.  One or two drops will still be enough.

SOURCE: Lifehacker