A “Whiskey Fungus” Is Growing In Tennessee

Amrut Roul Svgnfwkmtn0 UnsplashPhoto by Amrut Roul on Unsplash

A “whiskey fungus” has been covering homes, cars, and even trees near the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Vapors from the whiskey barrels are accelerating the growth of the fungus in the community. It’s also very resilient. While there are no known negative effects on humans, locals have had to power-wash their homes to get rid of the substance.

Residents have asked Jack Daniel’s to cover the cost of washing their homes, and one has gone so far as to sue Lincoln County.

Could it be a nuisance?” a Jack Daniel’s rep said. “Yeah, sure. And it can easily be remedied by having it washed off.

SOURCE: The Takeout