Are Americans Addicted To Their Phones?

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According to a Solitaired survey, Americans are indeed addicted to their smart phones. The survey asked nearly 1,100 Americans about their phone habits and a whopping 99% said they are on their phones while watching television…and that’s just the beginning.

The smart phone habit can be dangerous, too, with 88% admitting to using their phone while on the sidewalk, 42% using them while crossing a street and one-third on their phones while biking or skating.

It’s no surprise that nearly half said they’ve gotten hurt or have run into something while distracted on their phones.

Nothing is sacred when it comes to smart phone use either; 60% admit using them in church, 50% said they’ve used their phone during a wedding ceremony, and around 30% admitted to pulling out their phone during a funeral!

Smart phone use is downright dirty, too. 90% use their phone while on the toilet! Are you guilty of any of this?

SOURCES: Solitaired & Study Finds