Are Taylor Swift Fans Hurting Cats?!!

Iheartradio Music Awards In Los Angeles

Taylor Swift accepts the “iHeartRadio Innovator” award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, U.S. March 27, 2023. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

If there’s one thing a true Swiftie would never do, it’s cause injury or distress to a cat, right?!

Actually, that’s not exactly true. There’s a new TikTok challenge among Taylor Swift fans where they hold their cat under its front legs, with their camera pointed at the animal, then spin around in a circle to the tune of Taylor’s “August“.

There have already been around 155,000 videos of this insanity, mostly with cats. But people have also done it with dogs, hamsters, pigs, racoons, and even tortoises.

And it’s not a very good idea.

The Cats Protection Animal Charity issued a statement saying, quote, “At no point should an animal deliberately be put in a position to feel fear, anxiety, frustration or experience pain for the benefit of human entertainment. Cats in particular will experience extreme stress by being swung or spun around and it could even cause them physical harm. Even more disappointingly, these are being described as cute or funny in the comments section by people who appear to count themselves as cat lovers.”

They added, quote, “Even if the experience is only brief, it’s unethical and should not be encouraged.”

I guess somebody should tell these people that they NEED TO CALM DOWN.

SOURCE: New York Post