Are You Ignoring Your Car’s Maintenance

Huda Al Matrooshi, An Emirati Woman Who Owns And Runs A Car Repair Garage In Sharjah
Huda al-Matrooshi, 36, an Emirati woman who owns and runs a car repair garage, fixes a car with her team at her garage in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates April 21, 2021. Picture taken April 21, 2021. REUTERS/Rula Rouhana

One of the biggest investments we make is our cars. Now be honest how often do you do routine maintenance on your ride? Below are the most common car repairs that we overlook.


1.  Checking to see if your battery needs to be replaced soon.

2.  Replacing old windshield wipers.

3.  Replacing old brakes.

4.  Coolant levels.

5.  Replacing old tires that don’t have enough tread.

6.  Rotating your tires.

7.  Checking transmission fluid.

8.  Getting your oil changed.

9.  Replacing old shocks.

10.  Fixing turn signals, brake lights, and headlights that burned out.

Courtesy of:  SWNS