Are You Making Your House Dirtier While Cleaning?

Waitresses Clean Bar Terrace As A Storm Blew Sand From The Sahara Desert Over Andalusia, In Ronda
Waitresses clean the tables and chairs at a bar terrace as a storm blew sand from the Sahara desert over Andalusia, in Ronda, Spain, March 25, 2022. REUTERS/Jon Nazca

Spring is here which means it is time for Spring Cleaning. Before you break out the Pin Sol and begin to deep clean your baseboards; you may want to check out these tips from Life Hacker to clean more efficiently.


1.  Going crazy with cleaning products.  If you use too much of your cleaning products, you won’t make your floors or counters or table cleaner . . . you’ll leave a residue that can trap in extra dirt and dust.

2.  Dusting at the end.  When your last step of cleaning a room is dusting, you just spread that dust around . . . which makes the room dirty again.  The best move is to clean a room from top to bottom, ending with the floors . . . so dusting’s in the middle.

3.  Cleaning with a used sponge or rag.  When you use your dish sponge or a used rag to wipe down surfaces, you’re just spreading germs onto those surfaces.

4.  Overloading your dishwasher.  When you put too many dishes in the dishwasher, it can’t clean all of them properly . . . so your dishes won’t get as clean as you’d like.