Brunch Items You Should Avoid

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Brunch is the official meal of the weekend. If you are heading to your favorite eatery, here are a few menu items that recommends that you avoid when you are deciding on your next meal.

1.  Anything you could easily make at home.  If all you want is scrambled eggs and toast, go for it.  But you’re paying a premium for something you could make.

2.  Corned beef hash.  A lot of people don’t realize they like the canned variety.  So they’re unimpressed when it’s made from scratch. Restaurants tend to toss all kind of leftovers in there.  So it is possible you are eating yesterday’s scraps.  Specialty omelets are another way they like to use up old ingredients that are going bad.

3.  Eggs Benedict.  According to Anthony Bourdain, it is a risk to order because bacteria loves hollandaise sauce.  Chefs always make large quantities of it ahead of time, so it’s probably been sitting out a while.

4.  Canadian bacon.  It comes pre-cooked, so all they’re doing is heating it up.  And it’s not ordered as much as regular bacon.  So if you’re brunching on the weekend, there’s a chance it’s been sitting in the fridge since LAST weekend.

5.  Steak and eggs.  Only order it if you’re at a high end place where you know the steak is of good quality.  Otherwise, you’ll usually get a tough and shabby cut of meat.

6.  Bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.  If you’re just trying to get lit, go for it.  But prepare for a hangover.  When drinks are “bottomless,” they’re usually made with the cheapest liquor, champagne, and juice they can available.


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