Burger King’s Newest “Burger” Is Just a Bun with 20 Slices of Cheese!

230711092413 Burger King Real CheeseburgerPicture Courtesy of CNN

This almost seems like an April Fools’ idea someone in marketing turned in late.  So corporate said screw it, let’s just make it a real thing…

Burger King is selling a new burger in Thailand that’s not really a “burger” at all.

They’re calling it the “Real Cheeseburger,” but there’s no meat… just a bun with TWENTY SLICES of American cheese on it.

20 slices is roughly a POUND of cheese between two buns!

The photo in their ads makes it look melted.  But there’s a YouTube video of a guy eating one, and it looks like they barely even heated it up. Watch below!

For its initial run, they’re only charging $3.00.  But they’ll eventually sell it for $11.  So it sounds like they plan to make it a permanent menu option in Thailand.

No word on whether they’re bringing it to the U.S. or not, but you can already get one if you want.  Just order a cheeseburger… no ketchup, mustard, pickles, OR meat…and ask for 19 extra slices of cheese.