Media Minute

Denzel in a Marvel movie?

Academy Award wining actor Denzel Washington can do just about anything on the big screen especially in action movies.

Kanye and Kim Neighbors?

Typically when you break up with someone you try and get as far away from your ex as possible...but not Kanye.

Kanye Pleading for Kim K

At Kanye's concert on Thursday, Kanye once again was trying to win his estranged wife's love. During his performance in LA, Kanye began freestyling asking Kim "to come right back to me".  Also at the concert Kanye appeared to burry…

Dr. Dre is a single now!

After a long and tumultuous legal battle Dr. Dre is a free from his ex wife. According to TMZ Dre will cut one big check to settle the financial matters between him and his soon to be ex-wife Nicole Young.…

You like that!

Doja cat did not disappoint her fans with her costumer for Halloween

New Words

We've got new words added to our dictionary

Gone in a flash

A wedding photographer deleted all of her client's wedding photos after the bride and groom refused to feed her at the ceremony. 

Lizzo Loves Who?

Lizzo was seen on video backstage of the Millennium tour hugging and fawning over her favorite singer.