Check Out Walker Hayes’ Sweet Song About His Daughter’s Experience at a Taylor Swift Concert


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Life is filled with special moments that drift away.  But if you’re a songwriter like Walker Hayes you can make any one of them last forever.  He posted a video the other day of himself singing about one unique moment.

It’s a sweet song about taking his nine-year-old daughter Loxley to a Taylor Swift concert for her birthday.  The tickets cost more than his mortgage… and that was before buying T-shirts, Cokes, and popcorn.  Here are a few lyrics…

It was priceless watching her, watch her hero / Singing every single word to every song / In the nosebleed section / So enchanting / Till her bedtime struck like midnight and she yawned / Climbed up in my arms / She was gone.”

Yes, she fell asleep in his arms at a Taylor Swift concert.  But for dad, that’s the best part of the story.

Walker had Loxley join him in the video.  He’s on guitar and she’s “playing” mandolin.

SOURCE: Taste of Country