Closing Shots

When you hear man shoots up Taco Bell, what comes to mind? Was he mad that they ran out of burritos? Still upset that they discontinued the Mexican Pizza (which is back btw)? This week’s Simple Simon decided to fire shots into a Taco Bell because it was closed!

According to police, 30-year-old David Sharp drove up to the drive-thru of a Taco Bell location in Yakima, Washington a little before 2:00 A.M. last Friday and attempted to order food.  But the restaurant closed at 1:00 A.M.

A few employees were cleaning up and told David they were closed and couldn’t serve him. This only ENRAGED David which lead to him threatening the workers, banging on the windows, and saying he’d “break in” if they didn’t make him tacos. He would drive off but come back and fired at least two shots at the building. The police were called and he was arrested. He is now facing multiple charges including dui and drive by shootings. If this guy would have went a few miles down the road he would have found another Taco Bell that was open