Could Your First Vacation As A Couple Be Your Last

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As a couple nothing can be more exciting/never wracking then taking your first trip with your significant other. According to one study from, almost have the couples realize that they are not compatible with their partner. Among other things, respondents said they discovered unsavory or weird habits of their partners. If you are planning a trip with your partner here are some tips to get through your trip without any unnecessary turbulence.

  • Don’t plan activities without your significant other: This is a definite ‘don’t’ on your first trip as a couple. It’s okay to have some alone time every once in a while, but make sure to give your partner a heads up. Disappearing can cause panic and a feeling of isolation for your partner during what’s supposed to be an enjoyable trip. The purpose of the trip is to spend time together, so creating plans to enjoy without them – or without keeping them in the loop – is sure to cause some issues.
  • Make sure that the vacation is within both of your budgets: Giving a nice vacation as a gift to yourselves is romantic, but going into debt over it? Not so much. Financial friction can oftentimes cause problems in relationships, so it’s never a bad idea to consult your partner on what they’re comfortable spending (even if only one partner is paying).
  • Book in your own name: found that 25% of people broke up right before a couples trip. If your former significant other broke up with you right before a trip and caused disruptions and cancellations of your travel plans, it’s easy to understand why you might want to avoid a similar scenario the next time around. Any vacation, big or small, is a financial investment, and you should consider booking flights, accommodations and experiences in your own name. If your partner joins you, then you can enjoy the vacation together and arrange reimbursements with each other later. If you break up, you can still go it alone – and if you do, then you should be open to new discoveries and even new relationships on your journey.

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