Did You Know That July 4th Is the Most Dangerous Day of the Year?

Stephanie Mccabe Ajm Ewec24 UnsplashPhoto by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

The Fourth of July is the most dangerous day…for your PHONE.

A company that repairs broken and water-logged phones went through their data, and found there are 48% more phone accidents on the Fourth than any other day of the year.  Memorial Day and Labor Day are next.

They say summer in general is the most dangerous time of year for your phone…  with more people out last year, they saw an 80% jump in water-related phone issues … a 10% bump in cracked screens … and a 65% increase in lost phones.

Here are a few pieces of advice to keep your phone safe this weekend…

1.  Don’t assume it’s waterproof.  People have plenty of stories about phones still working after months at the bottom of a lake… but that’s not always how it goes…and the type of water matters too.  Water with salt or chlorine is worse.

2.  Add contact info to your home screen.  Take a screenshot of someone in your contacts, and set it as your wallpaper.  So if you lose your phone, whoever finds it can get in touch.  Doing that one thing triples your chances of getting it back.

3.  Get your cracked screen fixed.  It makes phones a lot more susceptible to water damage.  Even just humidity can seep in slowly and cause issues.

SOURCE: Asurion