Do All the “SpongeBob” Characters Represent Different Disorders? A TikToker Thinks So…

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Are the characters in “SpongeBob SquarePants” just cartoon characters … or do they represent something deeper?

A woman on TikTok suggested that they represent different disorders.

Here’s what she thinks:

SpongeBob himself is ADHD … Patrick is Down syndrome  Squidward is depression Mr. Krabs is narcissistic personality disorder … and Plankton represents bipolar disorder.  Here’s the video.

However, in a similar video, she said the characters represent the Seven Deadly Sins.  Although she only listed the same five…

She said that SpongeBob represents Lust Patrick is Sloth Squidward is Wrath Mr. Krabs is Greed … and Plankton is Envy.

I will also note that the video pronounces “Sloth” with a long “O”, which is just not correct.

That leaves Pride and Gluttony.  Pride could possibly be Sandy, or maybe that weightlifting lobster guy.  As for gluttony … I could see that being Patrick again. Who knows?