Do You Really Need To Bring A Date To A Wedding?

Mitchell Orr Lyfijxofy UnsplashPhoto by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

Wedding season is here, so a new survey looked at the people we bring with us to those events. did a poll and found that bringing a date might NOT ALWAYS be a good idea.  54% of people have regretted it and wish they’d gone solo.

A third said they’ve secured a last-minute wedding date before, with less than 48 hours to spare.  And 41% have brought a friend as their plus-one instead of an actual date.

So why do we feel so pressured to bring a date in the first place?

63% said they just prefer to avoid their friends and family asking if they’re dating anyone.

And here’s one more reason why going solo might be a good idea:  27% said they’ve ended up dating someone they met at a wedding before… and 1 in 5 of those people said they went on to MARRY them.

SOURCE: PRNewswire