Dolly Parton Declined Recording a Duet with This Hits 96 Artist Because The Song Referenced “Heaven & Hell”

In a recent interview with Kelly Clarkson, Bebe Rexha talked about the process of getting Dolly Parton to record with her. Dolly was particular about the song choice and kindly declined one referencing “Heaven and Hell.”

Rexha said she was so nice and sent her a handwritten note explaining that she “didn’t want to go into that energy.”

So, the next song she sent to Dolly was “Seasons” and she loved it. Rexha said, a week later, Dolly had her part recorded and sent back to her.

Rexha admitted that she was so touched by it all, that she cried when she first heard Dolly’s voice on the song.

“Seasons“ is on her new album called Bebe. You can watch the music video below and part of Bebe’s interview with Kelly Clarkson.