Don’t Where These Colors On A First Date

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First Date Fashion

So you have gotten a match on Hinge or Bumble and you now have a date set for this weekend. Now the next question is, what do you wear? The experts at Best Life have listed out colors you should avoid on your first date.

1.  Brown . . . Brown can make you appear “unadventurous, conservative, and unwilling to take risks.”  It’s also associated with earthiness, and “can make you appear TOO casual or relaxed.” The worst is a flat, darker shade of brown.  Lighter and richer hues can work.

2.  Gray . . . Gray makes you appear unapproachable.  It might come off as too “neutral or even indifferent . . . like you’re not particularly excited or enthusiastic.”

3.  Bright colors . . . You don’t want to go too bold.  Bright colors can make you appear “too flashy, or like you’re trying too hard.”  They can also be distracting.

4.  Yellow . . . Yellow is the color of friendship and caution . . . “two things you don’t want to subconsciously represent when trying to make a love connection.”

5.  Too much Black . . . Black is generally a GOOD choice, but don’t look TOO goth.  Wearing ALL black, “may make you come across as morbid.”


Courtesy of Best Life