Elvis-Themed Weddings in Vegas Are Banned Now?!

Viktoria Blomberg Book Wpv34iqnlxm UnsplashPhoto by Viktoria Blomberg Book on Unsplash

If you’ve got a big Elvis-themed wedding coming up … which is totally NOT cheesy in any way … you might need a backup plan.  Because wedding venues in Vegas are now BANNED from doing them.

A bunch of chapels in Vegas got cease-and-desist letters last month from the licensing company that handles Elvis Presley‘s estate and if they do any more Elvis weddings they could face legal action.

A lot of small chapels in Vegas rely on those weddings to make money.  One called the Graceland Chapel does over 6,000 a year.  So half the stories we’ve seen went with the same basic headline … that Vegas chapels are, quote, “All Shook Up.”

A bunch of venues have already removed Elvis’s image from their websites and marketing materials.  And all the impersonators who officiate those weddings are freaking out too, because they might be out of work now.

One couple who booked their wedding a few months ago was disappointed when Elvis didn’t show up this past Sunday.  Instead, they got a guy who kind of looked like him … but in a leather jacket, with jeans and a fedora.  The venue called it a “rock-and-roll” themed wedding instead.

Chapel owners say this couldn’t come at a worse time…right when there’s a big post-covid wedding boom and people are excited about the new “Elvis” biopic that comes out later this month.

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