Facebook Is Adding a Paid Verification Service, Just Like Twitter Blue

Brett Jordan Eefrxcpixna UnsplashPhoto by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Elon Musk did this a few months ago, and everyone piled on.  But it looks like at least one person liked the idea … Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook just announced they’re adding a PAID VERIFICATION option, just like Twitter‘s.  But instead of a blue checkmark, you get a blue badge.

It’s called “Meta Verified.”  They’re testing it in Australia and New Zealand this week, and plan to roll it out to more countries soon.

The web version costs $12 a month, or it’s $15 if you want it through your phone app.  That’s compared to $8 and $11 for Twitter Blue, but Zuck’s version covers you on Facebook as well as Instagram.

You have to verify your identity with a government I.D.  So just like with Twitter, it’s supposed to add more protection and keep people from impersonating you.

You also get direct access to Facebook’s customer support, which some people say is the only part worth paying for.  But Facebook thinks the verification stuff will be useful, especially for influencers and businesses.

SOURCES: TechCrunch / CNN