First Communion TikTok Goes Viral After 7 Year Old Girl Chugs The Wine

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To be fair nobody really tells you how long you’re supposed to drink the wine in church.

A family from South Dakota, went viral after filming their 7-year-old daughter’s first communion ceremony.

Stefanie Heidebrink was attending her daughter Brynley’s first communion on April 23rd at the Risen Savior Catholic Church. The video shows her daughter receiving communion, and then drinking from a chalice containing consecrated wine.

Brynley appears to take a sip and then continues drinking for about 15 seconds in total. Stefanie shared the video on TikTok where it quickly went viral, and has more than 15 million views. She says her daughter was nervous before going up and kept asking how much she should drink, and she advised her “Just let it touch your lips, just tip it back. You don’t even have to take a sip.” But the child drank more, and the whole church can be heard laughing in the video.

Stefanie chalks the long drink up to Brynley’s nerves, as the child also told her mom she wasn’t particularly fond of the taste of the wine.

Photo by Tara Glaser on Unsplash